How to choose the right web hosting plan for your website

When it comes to choosing right web hosting plan for your website there many factors involved. What you need to consider to choose right web hosting plan for your website is cost against the server resources and features provided.

There are many web hosting companies offering cheap web hosting plan. But are this web hosting plans worth it? Many of them will offer few resources and features with this plans. Some of this web hosting plans do not have SQL or PHP functions, it has limited traffic bandwidth etc. So, really it depends on what your web site needs are.

To get a good web hosting plan, I recommend you to look for web hosting company that offers at least the following features against affordable cost.

1.Big traffic bandwidth that can handle large traffic.
2.Supports SQL and PHP.
3.Offers sub domains.
4. Cpanel.
5.At least 5000Mb or more of storage space.
6.Auto responders.
7.POP email accounts.
8.FTP accounts
9.Backup support

10 .Good customer support.

After considering above features (but not limited to) you can select web hosting plan that’s within your budget.

Then from all these features, select the price that is within your budget. Different web hosting providers charge differently. Some charge yearly, others charge monthly. Others charge low price for first year or month and later increase the cost when it renews monthly or yearly. Others offer free web hosting plan for the first year if you purchase a domain from.

Namecheap offers free domain when you purchase shared web hosting plan from them. Namecheap is ICCAN accredited domain name registrar and web hosting company. Its good for a start if you need affordable plan with good hosting features.

Get a FREE domain when you buy Shared hosting!

To host multiple websites you need a robust web hosting plan to support multiple domain hosting on one hosting account. Some companies offer 2, 3 or more domains support and others support unlimited domains but you have to consider budget against resources factor.

When you host multiple sites on one hosting provider, in case server goes down all your websites will be down. You can can host some on different good hosting company as well. You don’t need to put all your eggs in one basket.

Probably there are many other considerations before you decide on the web hosting plan that is most suitable for you. But its worth investing time and effort to look for good web hosting plan to get best results.

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Note: This are affiliate links. No extra charges involved when you purchase web hosting plan from above web hosting providers.

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