8 Best website hosting for WordPress

8 Best website hosting for WordPress

8 Best website hosting for WordPress

What could be better than a WordPress hosting company that is dedicated to providing exceptional service to your website or blog? Because this content management system (CMS) is so well-known and is utilized by more than a third of the web, we are seeing an increase in the number of specialist offerings popping up like mushrooms. Throughout this article, we’ll list and compare the vast majority of the lodging options currently available on the market, so keep reading.

What are the advantages of choosing a specialized WordPress hosting service?

How do you choose the best hosting solution for your favorite open-source CMS or WordPress blog? Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, or dedicated server: which is the best hosting solution, an easy-to-use offer for your favorite open-source CMS or WordPress blog? We put the query out there on social media and search engines, and here’s what we got in response. There are several benefits to using a specialist WordPress server, but the most intriguing is undoubtedly the fact that you will be working with a support team that is fluent in the “WordPress dialect.” Furthermore, specialized WordPress hosts typically provide turnkey features specific to WordPress, adequate performance, and security optimizations, such as a customer area, domain name management, a WordPress theme, and a WordPress plugin, among other things:

In general, a specialist WordPress host is more dependable than a standard web hosting service. A similar situation exists when you take your BMW to a dealership for an overhaul: the services provided by a manufacturer’s sign will frequently be more suitable than the services provided by a “lambda” garage proprietor.

The market is dominated by a few major businesses. Who are they?

The majority of specialist WordPress sites are situated on the other side of the Atlantic, but the number of companies in this sector has increased in recent years. The following are eight web hosting companies that specialize in WordPress and can be used to host a WordPress site, a personal website, or any other form of website:

# 1 – WP Server

WP Server is a WordPress hosting service that is specialized and of high quality. It is one of the few French solutions to be found in this field. WordPress? They are well-versed on the subject! WP Server provides tools that make the construction and administration of WordPress websites easier. To say nothing of the fact that their servers are geared for both the performance of your websites and the security of your data. Many premium features are provided, like as HTTPS and SSL by default, image optimization, premium themes, automated backups, site cloning and restoration, and much more.

# 2 – WP Engine – Best website hosting for WordPress

For many years, WP Engine has been a well-known premium web host with a strong reputation. The efficiency with which its servers operate has undoubtedly contributed to its success. Aside from the performance and functionality it provides, WP Engine can be proud of the technical assistance it provides to all of its users, which is managed by a team of WordPress professionals and is available 24/7, 365 days a year!

Additionally, WP Engine ensures that your hosting is correctly set, provides real-time security threat monitoring, free SSL certificates, bug patches, a server cache, and a content delivery network (CDN) for your website.

# 3 – BlueHost – Best website hosting for WordPress

BlueHost is also a well-known WordPress-specific host with a large customer base. Likewise, it provides optimized servers in order for your WordPress site to load quickly and be protected from hackers. BlueHost provides a wide range of services to its customers, including dedicated 24/7 support, premium plugins, customized scripts that can be installed with a single click. It also has an administration panel that is simple and straightforward to use.

# 4 – SiteGround

SiteGround is no longer required to present itself because it is very safe and speedy! Many of the same features and services as its “cousins” are available, such as 24/7 support, complex server security rules, CNDs, your site caching, an SSL certificate, and so on. This host also provides a range of different levels of offerings to accommodate a variety of budgets.

# 5 – FlyWheel

A WordPress-specific site server, FlyWheel is “assured without piracy” and “exclusively intended for WordPress.” Many features are provided, such as daily backups, performance, the ability to choose the location of your server, SFTP, and so on. Furthermore, even with the most basic of offerings, FlyWheel has the capacity to handle thousands of guests at the same time. Remember the amazing technology that allows you to construct your website locally (Local by FlyWheel) and publish it online in a single click?

# 6 – Squeezable

This WordPress hosting provider based in Texas has nothing on other specialist WordPress hosting providers. Squeezable, like its competitors, provides enhanced speed, automated upgrades, daily backups, and round-the-clock support manned by a team of industry professionals.

# 7 – Kinsta – Best website hosting for WordPress

This hosting is supported by the Google Cloud Platform, which allows it to be located on one of the 15 data centers located in each of the four corners of the earth. The most up-to-date technology, such as PHP7 or Nginx, are employed, and several features and services are incorporated (such as SSL, 24/7 support, simpler site maintenance, and so on).#

#8 – Pagely

Pagely provides ultra-premium hosting that is based on AWS (Amazon Web Services), which allows you to take use of an almost limitless number of resources and powerful tools at your disposal. Pagely has created the following technologies and tactics to help you safeguard and improve your WordPress site:

  • Ares Gateway is a high-performance and flexible gateway that is easy to use.
  • PressDNS is a routing system that is regionally tailored.
  • PressCache is a caching solution that is quite powerful.
  • PressArmor is a security architecture that was created solely by Pagely.
  • PressThumb is an image optimization tool.
  • PressFormance is a collection of services for the upkeep and management of your WordPress website.

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Dedicated hosting is available. WordPress is without a doubt the most effective platform for managing your WordPress site. These providers often include WordPress-specific functionality, and the support team is comprised of WordPress experts. The following are the additional considerations to be made before going on the journey:

Pay attention to where your servers are located: some of these hosts provide platforms in a number of different locations across the world. The greater the distance between your server and your audience, the better the performance of your website.

Compare pricing while taking into consideration the services that are being supplied in the deal.

Choose among the above 8 Best website hosting for WordPress to launch your website or blog.

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