Top Dedicated Server Hosting

Top Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is a server that provides hosting services to a single client. Dedicated servers are usually more expensive than shared hosting, but they offer greater control and higher performance.

Dedicated servers are usually created for a specific task. A dedicated server provider will sell you only the resources required to perform each “job” for which your server is intended, freeing up other resources to provide better performance. For example, Amazon Web Services offers separate servers optimized for different tasks like EC2 instances that can be used as compute, Amazon Elastic Comp ute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances that can be used for load balancing, and Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS) instances that can be used as databases.

In order to serve multiple customers who need different configurations, a dedicated server may offer only one type of server. For example, Digital Ocean offers only the bare metal product with no virtualization technology .

The top dedicated server providers in the industry are:

Digital Ocean

Amazon Web Services,

Google Cloud Platform,

Microsoft Azure

A typical example of a dedicated server is an in-house office PC that has been configured with software for the company to run. In this scenario, the computer is dedicated to running only the company’s software and may have only one or two users, if any. The other scenarios where a dedicated server may apply are when a university has guidelines for dedicated use (e.g. a computing center) or when a company decides to back up or mirror their own server onto a secondary server in case the primary server is lost or corrupted.

As mentioned before, dedicated servers are intended for low-traffic websites and applications that do not require high performance, redundancy, and fault tolerance.

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