5 Best WordPress hosting for e-commerce

5 Best WordPress hosting for e-commerce.

5 Best WordPress hosting for e-commerce

Many providers claim to specialize in “e-commerce hosting,” but if you examine closely, you will find that e-commerce plans are simply rebranded versions of conventional shared hosting plans. With any hope, they might provide a theme, plugin, or other feature that should make running your online business more conveniently, but this does not qualify the plan as specialized.

Ecommerce hosting plans that are geared for certain platforms, such as WordPress / WooCommerce and Magento, are the most effective. Some of them also provide premium solutions such as abandoned cart recovery, in addition to providing suitable security protections for online retailers.

It took me hundreds of tests to figure out which ecommerce site hosting were the most reliable. Some of the leaders have premium plans that provide additional services that are ideal for large internet businesses. Others are low-cost choices that are appropriate for smaller retailers.

What factors should be considered before choosing the finest ecommerce hosting?

Plugins for conducting business online: The features that make it simpler to maintain an online business, such as one-click installation of platforms like Magento, OpenCart, and WordPress with WooCommerce, are something I’ve been seeking for in web hosting. I also included hosts who offered extras such as abandoned cart recovery plugins and inventory management tools in my ranking.

Performance: On the event that your website runs slowly or is frequently inaccessible due to server troubles, you will lose money in sales. As a result, you will only discover providers on this list who provide fast page load times as well as high uptime rates.

Resources in plenty: For my list, I picked e-commerce plans that do not put stringent restrictions on key resources such as file storage, bandwidth, traffic, or sales. I also chose plans that do not charge per transaction.

Security features: For an online shop, the security of the website and the privacy of its customers is critical. I’ve looked at hosting providers that include security features like as anti-malware, anti-DDoS protection, web application firewalls (WAF), and free SSL certificates, among other things.

PCI Compliance is required: Compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) is extremely crucial if you operate an e-commerce website. Your clients’ personal information and credit card information might be compromised if you do not adhere to this security standard. I’ve looked for hosts that either give native support or provide an easy way to add an option to the plan without requiring a technical knowledge.

Prices: For online shops, however, the lowest hosting plans are not necessarily the best option. I did some research to find out which hosts provide the best value for money without sacrificing critical improvements.

Liquid Web – 5 Best WordPress hosting for e-commerce

Liquid Web provides you with the high-performance tools you want to create and expand your online business. It provides managed hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers, with WooCommerce managed hosting being a particularly attractive alternative for e-commerce sites. In addition to site customization and unlimited traffic, all managed WooCommerce plans contain an abundance of premium tools to assist you in increasing your sales. The 14-day free trial is also available without the need to input any payment information. You may access it without having to provide any payment information.

Liquid Web’s managed plans for ecommerce websites are exceptional, despite the fact that they are somewhat more expensive than the market norm. Premium services are available at an additional cost and make it easier to manage your online business.

More to the point, Liquid Web promises 100 percent power and uptime, which is far greater than the industry average. In addition, Liquid Web demonstrated exceptional dependability in our tests.

You may also establish as many employee accounts as you require, which is useful if you have a group of people working together on a website.

Kamatera – 5 Best WordPress hosting for e-commerce

Because of Kamatera’s flexibility, you may design an e-commerce hosting environment that meets your specific requirements. It’s possible that Kamatera would be the greatest option for you if you desire total control over your server and resources. Cloud options are available from the provider, which provide the speed and dependability necessary for an online business.

With Kamatera, you can establish cloud hosting plans that are both economical and high-performance, and you can choose the amount of memory, RAM, and processor that you require. In this method, you avoid paying for resources that aren’t being used. There is also a free 30-day trial version available to try out.

Despite the several useful features (which you can learn about in further detail in our peer review), the disadvantage of Kamatera is that it does not provide managed services in its base pricing. This implies that if you want the Kamatera team to manage and control your business, you will have to pay an additional fee.


For new online companies, InterServer is one of the greatest alternatives available since it helps to decrease expenses from the start. Even though you won’t have access to any ecommerce-specific features with the Standard Shared Hosting plan, you will have unlimited storage, bandwidth, email accounts, and the amount of websites you may host on your account.

In the event that (or when!) your website outgrows this plan, you can upgrade to a low-cost cloud VPS plan that includes dedicated CPU and RAM resources. Installing a virtual private server (VPS) not only makes it simpler to grow during moments of high traffic, but it also gives more control and dependability for big shops.

However, only English is spoken by the customer service representatives who are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by live chat, email, or phone. Our experiments, on the other hand, have revealed that tickets and email are the most effective means of resolving technical difficulties, while live chat is more effective for general enquiries. It doesn’t matter what, the response time is quite quick.


Hostinger provides some of the most competitively priced ecommerce website hosting options available on the market today. It may not have fancy premium features, but it does provide enough ecommerce alternatives to get you up and running on a limited financial budget.

One of Hostinger’s primary selling features is the ease with which it may be used. Your WordPress site may be up and running with WooCommerce in less than 10 minutes if you follow these instructions. Regular backups, free SSL certificates, and a free domain name are all included with all ecommerce website hosting packages. There are three main types of ecommerce website hosting services, each of which is tailored for a certain operating system (Magento, WooCommerce, and PrestaShop).

GreenGeeks – Best WordPress hosting for e-commerce

GreenGeeks is an excellent choice if you want your online business to be ecologically sustainable while still receiving excellent customer service. Chat messages are swiftly responded to by highly skilled professionals that go out of their way to ensure that the consumer is completely happy.

As for resources, GreenGeeks is liberal with its offerings, providing you with unlimited storage and bandwidth, as well as a free SSL certificate. You also receive the Litespeed Cache plugin, which may significantly improve the speed with which your pages load, preconfigured with WordPress. In our tests, GreenGeeks has demonstrated reasonable performance (although a little erratic at times) as well as outstanding dependability, suggesting that it may easily meet the demands of a small online business.

Choose among above 5 Best WordPress hosting for e-commerce for your next e commerce website or project.

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