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[Sticky] Free traffic generation methods

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Free traffic generation methods

1. Social media.

Post your links on Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and more

2. Quora.

Answer questions related to your niche and put a link back your related post or website page.

3. Forums.

Search for forums related to your niche and share your post. Answer questions with a link back to your website. Do not spam please. Else you will be banned.

4. Long tail keywords.

Target long tail keywords for your post instead of short ones which are highly saturated. Its easy to rank with a long tail keyword with decent traffic.

5. Email Marketing.

Create forms on your website or blog and start collecting emails of your visitors.

This will give subscriber email list where you can market your websites to. Whenever you post, the subscribers will be notified of a new post or product. This will give you free visitors.

Find link to email marketing platforms in the description of this video.

6. Guest Blogging.

Find other website in your niche that accepts guest blogging, ask them to put your post on their website with a link back to your website.

In return, you can post also their post on your blog or website.


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