How To Create Website With WordPress in 2021

How To Create Website With Wordpress in 2021

How To Create Website With WordPress in 2021
The ultimate beginner friendly guide on how to create website with WordPress.
Build your own WordPress website with this guide. An ultimate guide for beginners.
You can learn:

  1. Create website with WordPress.
  2. How to create your domain name.
  3. How to create web hosting plan for your website.
  4. How to install WordPress on web host.
  5. WordPress website customization.
  6. How to add a Post in WordPress.
  7. How to add a page in WordPress.
  8. How to add images to WordPress website.
  9. How to add or change WordPress theme.
  10. How to set permalinks in WordPress website.
  11. How to add site title and tagline.
  12. How to make your WordPress website public.
  13. How to allow or disable comments in WordPress.
  14. How to set timezone in WordPress.
  15. WordPress plugins.
  16. How to find WordPress plugins.
  17. How to add new plugin